One in seven women will experience breast cancer in their lifetime. More and more younger
women are being diagnosed. Future Dreams aims to ensure that women are breast aware and
informed correctly to look out for any changes.

This year Future Dreams has pledged it's support to Breast Cancer Care by funding the print
of a dedicated Secondary Breast Cancer Resource Pack. Our donation is helping to ensure that
people living with secondary breast cancer over the next two years receive only accurate and reliable
information, supporting them to deal with the day to day impact of their secondary diagnosis
and treatment.

"Future Dreams has been promoting the support and information services provided by Breast Cancer Care for three years now
and it's great to see a partnership between the charities at this special moment."

Breast Cancer Care Helpline

please e-mail if you would like to be sent a change and check sticker which help save lives.

You can get further support on their free helpline 0808 800 6000