Future Dreams is thrilled to announce confirmation of our partnership with national charity Breast Cancer Haven on the development of Future Dreams House - Breast Cancer Haven’s new London centre. The centre will be located on Birkenhead Street within a minute’s walk from King’s Cross station, a site which is accessible to patients from 15 hospitals across the Capital.

As the only complementary breast cancer support service in London, Breast Cancer Haven provide free one-to-one therapies that address the physical and emotional symptoms and side effects of each woman's medical treatment.

Once the new centre is open, visitors will also be able to access practical support including include image workshops, life-coaching, financial advice and nutritional advice on exercise and healthy eating from this central London location. Perhaps the most vital function of the new centre is to provide a non-medical environment in which people can form friendships and networks that will help them to take on this disease from a place of solidarity and empowerment.

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Just call to make an appointment on: 0300 012 0112 or e-mail

New Support Services

Future Dreams has collaborated with the PAXMAN company and donated a dual cooling system machine (also known as a cold cap) to North Middlesex Hospital. This machine helps to prevent hair loss for women having chemotherapy. Recent statistics have shown 8% of women decide against having chemotherapy for fear of losing their hair.

"I approached Future Dreams to discuss the funding of a ‘Cold cap’ for patients at the North Middlesex University Hospital undergoing chemotherapy. The FD team were incredibly responsive and immediately understood the need for patients and the importance of having the option of preserving hair whilst undergoing chemotherapy. They jumped into action, making direct enquires with the Paxman company and negotiating the best package possible. From the time I first approached Future Dreams to time of delivery of the Cold cap machine, only a few short months had passed. I was very impressed with their efficiency and ability to deliver on a project so quickly. They are a caring and compassionate team who are enthusiastic and passionate about helping patients. Both the staff and patients at the North Middlesex hospital are very grateful to Future Dreams for their support and great work."
Dr Fharat Raja, Consultant Medical Oncologist at North Middlesex Hospital

“It is such an honour to partner with such a wonderful charity as Future Dreams. The important work they do in memory of their inspirational co-founders Sylvie & Danielle, is synonymous with the work that we do in memory of my beautiful late Mum, Sue Paxman. Hair loss is ranked by patients as one of the most traumatic side effects of chemotherapy treatment and we at PAXMAN are committed to ensuring that people have access to scalp cooling and Future Dreams have made this possible for cancer patients of North Middlesex hospital”. Claire Paxman

Over the last 12 months our Whittington Hospital North London support service has successfully provided, for free, 470 hours of treatments, given 200 hours of aromatherapy massage and scar work, treated 80 people with acupuncture to improve symptoms such as pain and hot flushes, provided dietary advice to improve health to almost 30 people and supported 25 women with individualised counselling.

Future Dreams will also be funding another Breast Cancer Haven outreach service at a second London NHS hospital in early 2020. For more information and to book an appointment visit Breast Cancer Haven

New Support Services

FutureDreams House

Future Dreams House


Due to COVID-19 Sylvie and Danielle’s dream has been delayed but it IS becoming a reality! Following lockdown over three months ago, we are thrilled to announce that works have recommenced with social distancing measures in place at Future Dreams House, Breast Cancer Haven’s new London centre.

As the soon-to-be only complementary breast cancer support centre in London, the centre will provide therapies that address the physical and emotional symptoms and side effects of each woman's medical treatment. Function support will include image workshops, life-coaching, financial advice and nutritional advice on excercise and healthy eating; all completely free of charge.

"Three years on from my Breast Cancer diagnosis and my third breast cancer surgery, I still rely on the incredible services of Breast Cancer Haven, and I couldn't manage without their support. They are a vital part of my mental and physical recovery for both me and my family. The thought of Breast Cancer Haven losing it's building is devastating to me and to so many who rely on it."
Kim, BCH Fulham visitor

Future Dreams House

It will to cost £1 million to get the site up and running.
We hope to be in a position to welcome and support hundreds of women and their families by spring 2020.

Help us today to make the dream of offering free breast cancer support,
to the whole community, a reality.

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"The entire breast cancer journey is filled with fear and trepidation for patients and their loved ones, and to have some place
away from the clinical environment where patients and families can just sit and ask some very pertinent questions is a definite neccessity.
In a very busy NHS clinic, time can be limited and patients may feel that they have not
had sufficient time to ask their clinical team all the questions."

Breast Cancer Nurse