Future Dreams has raised over £2.2m towards breast cancer research for
Professor Clare Isacke’s Laboratory at Breast Cancer Now, Research Centre,
London. Clare and her team have had many pioneering breakthroughs and
have made significant advances in the field of secondary breast cancer
research and its treatment. She was appointed Fellow of the Academy of
Medical Services in 2016.

“I feel very privileged to know many inspirational people involved with Future Dreams and also personally thankful for the funding they have invested into secondary breast cancer research. Because of their continued support, our progress in tackling breast cancer has increased and we are that vital step closer to living in a world where the disease is no longer feared”

Professor Clare Isacke, Professor of Molecular Cell Biology Breast Cancer Now

Ground breaking research

This year, we are proud to be involved in empowering the next generation of secondary breast cancer researchers. Future dreams are funding ground-breaking research into secondary breast cancer – an incurable form of the disease.

Dr William Brackenbury is an outstanding researcher with a stellar reputation in his field. His results have facilitated a better understanding of the development and spread of breast cancer. Dr Brakenbury is developing an innovative approach, borrowed from neuroscience, that has never been used before in breast cancer and which involves the recording of electrical signals in breast cancer tumours. This project could herald an entirely new approach to tackling breast cancer.

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We support ‘Breast Cancer Now’ with the goal that by 2050, everyone DIAGNOSED WITH breast cancer will live.

This won’t happen without vital fundraising.


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