The long-term aspiration of the Support “arm” of FUTURE DREAMS is to set up FUTURE DREAMS
HOUSE, home to Breast Cancer Haven. This remains the central focus of our fundraising.
Future Dreams House will provide a lifeline to those women who have recently been
diagnosed, to those who are undergoing treatment and to those who are coping with issues
of survivorship or tackling the devastating news that they have had a relapse.

What is FDH?

FutureDreams House

“Future dreams house will provide a lifeline to those women who are recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment, coping with the issues of survivorship or tackling the deverstating news that they have had a relapse. The location in Central London should allow more patients across North and Central London to use these vitally-needed services, Patients will benefit from it as soon as the doors open.”

Breast Surgeon UCH/Wellington Hospital

What is FDH?

The central location of Future Dreams House will allow more patients based in central, North and East London, to utilise the much-needed services provided, completely free of charge. These therapies will address the physical and emotional symptoms and side effects of each woman’s medical treatment: They will range from psychological and emotional support, practical support and touch therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology to specific treatments such as lymphoedema massage. Function support will include image workshops, life-coaching, financial advice and nutritional advice on exercise and healthy eating.

Perhaps the most vital function of FDH is to provide a non-medical environment in which, as well as accessing support services, women can form friendships and networks that will allow them to take on this disease from a place of solidarity and empowerment.

The campaign to open FUTURE DREAMS HOUSE has never been more pressing. Breast Cancer Haven will be in need of a new London Base from 2019, when the lease on its current building expires.

What services does FDH provide?

Emotional support including support groups and one-to-one counselling for the visitor and their family.

Physical touch therapies such as Acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy massage, nutritional therapy and hypnotherapy can all be helpful in reducing breast cancer symptoms and side effects. Lymphoedema which affects 25% of people with breast cancer can also be helped with a specific form of lymphoedema massage and exercises

Image workshops to help people to look good during breast cancer are also very important for the person and the family.

Exercise and healthy eating are two key factors recognized worldwide in both reducing the incidence of as well the recurrence of breast cancer. Exercise in groups and classes include Nordic walking, gentle yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi. Helping people gain confidence to get moving both during and after breast cancer treatment is an important part of their ongoing wellbeing. Healthy eating advice given individually, in cookery workshops and demonstrations as well as healthy lunches being provided in Breast Cancer Haven kitchen.

What services does FDH provide?
Future Dreams House Outreach Services

“The entire breast cancer journey is filled with fear and trepidation for pateints and their loved ones and to have some place away from the clinical environment, where patients and their loved ones can just sit and ask some very pertinent questions is a definite necessity. In a very busy NHS clinic, time can be limited and patients may feel that have not had sufficient time to ask their clinical team all the questions.”

Breast Cancer Nurse

Future Dreams House Outreach Services

In the meantime, we are delighted to be able to offer a weekly Outreach Service, giving vital support and the core Breast Cancer Haven services to women, and based at each of three London hospitals: UCLH, The Whittington and the Wellington, Golders Green.

These Outreach centres will be entirely funded by FUTURE DREAMS and we intend to have the most essential services up and running in the spring of 2017.

“Future Dreams Outreach service by Breast Cancer Haven at The Whittington would enable us to provide a greater holistic approach to our patient care. This would significantly improve the experience of our patients, many of whom are young women undergoing difficult treatments whilst juggling the needs of family and career. The ability to offer complementary therapies, counselling services, nutritional advice and others, without patients having to travel more than about half an hour, would be a huge complement to our service.”

Consultant Medical Oncologist. Whittington Health


“We are showing women that Breast Cancer does not always take away from their lives. They are automatically enrolled in a community of women learning from and supporting each other.

Knowing that although no woman is left un-changed by the disease, many women learn how strong they really are and become more proud and self-assured.

Having space to express fear or grumble and complain without frightening partners, friends and family, in a place where sensible reassurance is on hand or just understanding of how tough things are from people who know, is invaluable.”

Consultant Medical Oncologist
St George’s Univeristy Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Outreach support is available from the following centres. You can choose the most convenient location to you:

The Whittington Hospital, Archway - Fridays – 10am to 4pm (From Friday 2nd June 2017)

UCLH, Fitzrovia - Once a month on Tuesdays from 5.30–7pm from 25th April. A Breast Cancer Haven specialist counsellor will run a secondary breast cancer support group. Check our website for details

Breast Cancer Haven, Fulham - Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm, Wednesday evenings and one Saturday per month

Just call to make an appointment on: 020 3906 1406

Book an appointment at an Outreach Centre