• Darren and Jamie Crook

    Darren and Jamie Crook

    “Our great-grandma, grandma and mum suffered from breast cancer. This is an issue that is of great importance to us We also knew Future Dreams founders Sylvie and Danielle personally and wanted to give something back to honour their memories.”
  • Julia Leckey

    Julia Leckey

    Founder of The Honest Brand
    “I am delighted to be supporting Future Dreams. From the minute I met the team I was overwhelmed by their energy, spirit and determination to make a difference to people suffering from this dreadful disease. How could I not be part of this movement - it changes lives”
  • Louise Court

    Louise Court

    “I really wish I’d met Sylvie and Danielle, the founders of Future Dreams, but I have felt their energy through their friends and family who run the charity in their name. The truth is Future Dreams’ remit to provide a big warm hug for those going through breast cancer makes it a very special organisation indeed and one I’m so proud to be involved with.”
  • Melissa Odabash

    Melissa Odabash

    “Understanding the effects of breast cancer and the vulnerability that women can feel when affected, I have collaborated with Future Dreams for the last three years and designed exclusive swimwear for women to empower themselves to feel good and confident about themselves post surgery.”
  • Nikki Gewirtz

    Nikki Gewirtz

    “Since 2008, my relationship and work with Future Dreams has continued to grow stronger. It is such a vital cause close to my heart, and my special memories of Sylvie and Danielle compound my commitment to the charity.”
  • Nikki Tibbles

    Nikki Tibbles

    “Breast cancer is a cause very close to my heart and has affected people close to me. I wanted to get involved so I can give something back.”
  • Nicky Weller

    Nicky Weller

    "I am really happy to be supporting Future Dreams. Having personally gone through breast cancer myself in 2012 and had 2 years of treatment, it is so important for the support and help you receive whilst in treatment but also after treatment has finished. Working with Future Dreams I can help to give back. It’s an amazing charity and can’t wait for Future Dreams House to be finished to help more people through this awful time"
  • Nina Mae Fowler

    Nina Mae Fowler

    “Future Dreams feels to me an intensely personal project, founded by a mother and daughter, whose family and friends are driven by love and strength in continuing their legacy.”
  • Nicole and Adelaide

    Nicole and Adelaide

    “We wanted to create something calming and rejuvenating to help women who are going through challenging times”
  • Phanella Mayall Fine

    Phanella Mayall Fine

    “I feel so privileged to be an Ambassador for Future Dreams. It is such an inspiring and dynamic charity and I am thrilled to be able to help in their mission to make women feel empowered and confident again.
  • Rebecca Campbell

    Rebecca Campbell

    “I am delighted to support Future Dreams. Like so many, my life has been cracked open by breast cancer and so I am grateful for the priceless work Future Dreams does in ways big and small.”
  • Sasha Haralambous and Linda Marks

    Sasha Haralambous and Linda Marks

    “We feel very honoured to have been asked to become ambassadors for this wonderful charity. We first opened Lili grace Boutique in November 2000 and have over the years unfortunately seen too many of our friends and customers suffer from breast cancer. Helping to make a difference through our fashion shows and watching these women bond and feel confident again is an amazing experience to be part of.”
  • Paul Toeman

    Paul Toeman

    “Since 2016 I have been touched and inspired in equal measure by the tremendous work, energy and drive shown by everyone at Future Dreams to support and help the community affected by breast cancer. As the charity’s official event photographer, I hope that my images can in turn inspire people to get involved and support the charity in all its endeavours.”
  • Simon Emmett

    Simon Emmett

    “It’s personal to me as it has affected my mother’s life. With all the advances in treatments and Future Dreams focus on funding secondary breast cancer research, there is hope. Future Dreams House will also provide that hope and support too.”
  • STUART Sweeting

    STUART Sweeting

    "I am honoured and proud to be an Ambassador for Future Dreams, a charity very close to my heart. I feel truly blessed to have had Sylvie and Danielle in my life and I know their legacy will live on forever."
  • Susan Gerrard

    Susan Gerrard

    “I admire all the work and commitment that goes into taking Future Dreams forward and keeping it alive in memory of the founders”


  • Nicola Adams OBE

    Nicola Adams OBE

    “I want to focus on the importance of empowerment, fitness and support. As a double-gold medal Olympian, I understand the need for a strong support network and knowing that you always have others on your side. I believe that Future Dreams House will be a safe and special place for women and their families affected by breast cancer – an empowering environment where they will never feel alone.”
  • Jacquie Beltrao

    Jacquie Beltrao

    “The fundraising work that Future Dreams is doing is giving women the opportunity to have a place where they can connect with other people who have been affected by breast cancer and feel safe, knowing that they will be supported through their toughest times.”
  • Melanie C

    Melanie C

    “Future Dreams is a dynamic charity with an ambitious challenge to support women through their breast cancer journies and to raise money for breast cancer support. Together we can achieve something incredible.”
  • Melissa Hemsley

    Melissa Hemsley

    “The Future Dreams family are some of the most kind, energetic, inspiring and loving people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. They are real go-getters, they make things happen for others and they are committed to constantly raising awareness and giving care to those that need it the most. I am over the moon to be able to do my part in making this happen.”
  • Kelly Hoppen MBE

    Kelly Hoppen MBE

    “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be an Ambassador for Future Dreams. This is something that is very close to my heart and I will do everything I can help support and spread the amazing work you do.”
  • Patsy Kensit

    Patsy Kensit

    “I am thrilled and honoured to be an ambassador for Future Dreams. Their story has really moved me. My mother had breast cancer. She was a positive, amazing woman who defied it for years, but sadly passed when I was in my twenties. I also lost my father to cancer. I am an activist when it comes to raising awareness about cancer, as it can often be treated if caught early enough.”
  • Camilla Kerslake

    Camilla Kerslake

    “I’m so proud to be an ambassador for Future Dreams, an incredible charity making a real difference to the lives of people with breast cancer and their families”


    “Being a working medic and having had breast cancer myself, I am proud to support Future Dreams as it is a cause very close to my heart. If I can help any women going through treatment then I will feel that going through it, my own diagnosis had a point to it.”
  • Arlene Phillips CBE

    Arlene Phillips CBE

    “Having lost my beloved sister-in-law Laura to breast cancer, I have been determined to be vocal about the need for support for this and do all I can to help. I am proud to be an ambassador for the tenth Anniversary of Future Dreams and hope that within the next ten years, this disease can be eradicated or the very least held at bay.”
  • Gaby Roslin

    Gaby Roslin

    “Sylvie and Danielle stole my heart. Their love for life and for their families was so deep and they filled everyone’s hearts with love and kindness.”
  • Hannah Waddingham

    Hannah Waddingham

    “It’s been my absolute pleasure to be involved in the Future Dreams show. Sylvie and Danielle, we will continue the extraordinary work you started with so much love".
  • Rachel Bristow

    Rachel Bristow

    "I’m thrilled and extremely proud to be apart of the Future Dreams family and to help them with their mission to support those touched by breast cancer. I lost a close friend to this disease and understand first hand the heartbreak and fear it causes to the sufferer and all the people who love and support them".
  • Monica Harrington

    Monica Harrington

    From the first day I met the team at Future Dreams and learned about the wonderful work they do to support women with breast cancer, I knew this was the charity I wanted to give my time to. Together we can make a difference to women’s lives by improving their body confidence through the knowledge of fitting and the use of beautiful lingerie. It was an absolute joy to be asked to be an ambassador.’